How to qualify as a Solicitor in Ireland

So, I see that you’re interested in qualifying as a solicitor? Well, this isn’t easy to say but there is a long road ahead of you. Long road. But if this is your calling, if you are driven and ready for the long road ahead, then you have chosen a remarkable and worthy profession. I haven’t met one person who has told me that they are not proud of the hard work they have put in to qualify as a solicitor. Yes there are long nights and tiredness and all of the rest of it but I am a big believer that hard work always pays off in the end.

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The Value of Non-Legal Work Experience

I have come across countless students wondering whether if they need legal work experience to further their legal careers. There is a sense that having little legal work experience will hinder you in your goals towards qualifying as a lawyer. But ask yourself this: whats’ more important: the fact that you have work experience or only legal work experience?

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How to qualify as a Barrister in Ireland

You’ve made it this far which can only mean one thing:
You want to become a lawyer in Ireland.
Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place as this blog post will highlight how to qualify as a Barrister in Ireland.

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The (honest) truth about Open Book Exams

So let’s talk about open book exams. And let’s be very real and honest about them. It’s 5pm on May 27th. It is a beautiful summer’s day and it has been one week since finishing up on my exams. Little… View Post

Top 5 Stationary Essentials For Every University Student

As law students, crunch time seems to be constantly upon us. If we aren’t actually taking an exam or writing a paper, we’re studying for the next one on the horizon. We breathe, eat and sleep law. After all, it comes with the territory.
(But seriously, what in the heck did we get ourselves into..?)

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