Here are a collection of guest blogs that I have written for a number of various bloggers!

I have provided a little description of each guest blog below and, in your own time, when you are interested in reading more, simply click on the link to read more!

I hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Let me know which one is your favourite one in the comments below!

The Lawyer Stories

My first ever guest blog was written for Lawyer Stories. In this Guest Blog, I discussed the expectations and presumptions that I faced as a Law Student in Ireland. This provides the perfect insight into studying Law for those of you who are interested in undergoing a Law Degree programme but unsure of what to expect.

You can read about this guest blog here

Harry's Law Life

In this second guest blog, I shared my story on why i made the decision to pursue a career in Law.

I wanted to change the narrative from ‘why did I choose Law’ to ‘why do I choose law now’.

You can read it here.