Final Weekend of Year 1: on the Barrister-at-Law Degree Programme

Final Weekend of Year 1: on the Barrister-at-Law Degree Programme

It’s the final weekend of Year 1 of the Modular programme in King Inns for part-timers – and what a weekend it has been.

This weekend we encountered a new topic – Ethics. Now, I had mixed feelings about this topic because of course you need to learn about the ethical duties that you owe to your clients and the court. What struck me most was the fact that the next time that we come back to ethics will be the Ethics exam in January BUT we 🙂will🙂not🙂talk🙂about🙂that🙂right🙂now🙂.

I haven’t got a lot to say in this diary entry because quite frankly, it’s been a long year. I’m exhausted. I’m running on very little energy and putting my folders, manual and notes away into a tidy box to officially mark the end of year 1. I don’t truly know how to describe to you how I felt when I closed my laptop for the final time for year 1 of this course.

The final weekend was online and I reckon this was intentionally done because many of us were simply ✨wiped out✨ at this point. It was fitting to attend the last weekend online, it was a short weekend and the sun came out to shine so brightly. What did I do when I finished the last session? I SLEPT. No, really – I wen to bed. I just needed rest. I went outside for a bit, walked, and tried to let reality sink in that I had finished year 1 … but no, I fell asleep like a child.🙂

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When I think of this past year, one word comes to mind: volume. The volume of work you do in one weekend is INTENSE. You’ll see it yourself if you’re undergoing this course yourself – you are required to learn a large volume of work spread across 2 weeks – then to learn and be ready to discuss it in 2 days (as well as the corresponding work and exercises). Yes, it can be information overload. The tutors themselves know and will sense this and ask the class to get coffee and to get ready (which is usually a signal that we are about to do A LOT of work in the next session (!!)]

I may have said this before but… your classmates really do make the difference and get you through the course. The fact that you’re all going through the course together and you’re all learning & struggling together bonds you together like glue and motivates you to keep going too. At the end of the day, we are all in the same sinking boat 😬

Honestly? You want my honest answer?

Getting through it.

Because my goodness this is not for the faint-hearted. It’s a very consuming and voluminous course. Some days it is hard to switch off and switch back on. Sometimes you’re just switched on and that’s it. I’m probably not really selling the course to you when I talk about it in this way but I swear I know it’ll be worth it next year when I qualify. To successfully get through this course without too many hiccups, to be able to say ‘ I have done it’ was the greatest feeling I had in a long time. There are weekends you’ll question whether you made the right decision and to that I say: that is normal. Don’t feel bad for having a few wobbly days – it is normal. I’ve certainly had many of those days myself.

This is all I have to report about the BL course: year 1! I am going to enjoy the sunshine and good weather for as long as I can and soak in the good weather vibes If you’d like more insight into the course content, and what I’ve got up to during the BL course – I would recommend that you check out my Becoming-a-Barrister Diary series here !

If you want more real-time information, I recommend that you check out my Instagram as I document my experience in real-time. I’m most active there. If you haven’t connected with me yet, here’s my Instagram! Don’t be shy – come and say hi! You’ll find me yapping away there✨🧠👩🏽‍🎓📚☕️📸💭

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