Yennusick Legal Corner is founded on 3 Core Pillars:


Being a law student and an aspiring lawyer, I hope to share my insights into pursuing a professional career in law. It is widely known that law is a competitive yet rewarding profession and I hope that my journey will inspire those with an interest in pursuing law or whom need some guidance with their legal journey.

Many students, like myself, often seek guidance in what to do, where to go, what information to search, how do I do this, how do I do that and the list goes on. Yennusick Legal Corner was created to make that easier for you.


To be a lawyer means that there will be a lot of challenges and obstacles along the way. Not only must you learn the academics and practical ways of actually becoming a lawyer, but it is also important to have confidence in your abilities to BE a lawyer.

I began my legal journey with very little confidence in my ability to represent a client in their matter, until I realised that having confidence in my ability to be a lawyer is what is going to make me the best lawyer that I can be. I have adopted simple things into my daily life that in turn fuels my confidence to be a lawyer one day and I hope to share it with you.


Although we each have our own journeys’, we each have to do and go our own ways in finding our true passions within the law, it is equally just as important to support one another during these tough journeys.

Networking is an important activity within the legal profession as well as supporting, encouraging and motivating one another during those tough moments.

Since the creation of Yennusick Legal Corner, we have amassed a global community of over 8,000 people and this number is steadily growing.

Every and all support that we receive is warmly welcome and we hope that you have positively benefitted from us.