Yennusick Legal Corner was founded upon 5 Core Beliefs:

Always put Y-O-U first 

You are the only person in total and full control of your life – remember that as you attend a lecture or walk into work.

Education and learning does not stop when you close a book

We, as humans, never stop learning. For as long as we live, we are constantly learning. But making learning fun is what adds that little bit of ✨spice✨ to your life. (Stay tuned for a new learning section coming soon to YLC!)

Own your successes and achievements ~ no matter how small they may seem

Did you get a positive email from your supervisor today? Did you get your first grade on your first assignment of the year? Did you have a great weekend? Celebrate and OWN your achievements – this goes back to Belief number 1 – always put yourself first! And congrats to you by the way!!

Developing a positive and realistic mindset outlook

It is perfectly fine to have a positive and negative outlook on what’s happening in your life. In fact, we consider it perfectly healthy to acknowledge these good/bad things. This is something that is heavily preached in this blog.

Failure does not exist - only feedback on improvement

Just because 1 thing does not go your way – does not mean that this is the end. It is an opportunity to improve for next time.