Studying is tough and demanding but it is equally as rewarding. Sometimes, the amount of materials and knowledge that we need to study can be overwhelming. In this category, you will find the best and most effective study strategies and tips that I have used to excel in Law School.

The (honest) truth about Open Book Exams

So let’s talk about open book exams. And let’s be very real and honest about them. It’s 5pm on May 27th. It is a beautiful summer’s day and it has been one week since finishing up on my exams. Little…

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Top 5 Stationary Essentials For Every University Student

As law students, crunch time seems to be constantly upon us. If we aren’t actually taking an exam or writing a paper, we’re studying for the next one on the horizon. We breathe, eat and sleep law. After all, it comes with the territory.
(But seriously, what in the heck did we get ourselves into..?)

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5 Things To Do After Your Law Exams

Freedom never felt so good.
And now we can finally recover and reminisce.
Exam season is over, and you couldn’t be any happier. In other words, no more will you have to wake up early in the morning to squeeze in last minute studies. No more will you have to decline your friend’s invitation to go out for dinner because you have a 10 am exam on Torts. And no more will you have to study for excessive amounts of time.
It is done and to sum up, you couldn’t be happier.

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3 Effective Ways To Stay On Track And Stay Focused

Ok. I have one simple question to ask and please be very, very honest…
Have you ever worked so hard and still felt like you haven’t done enough for the day?
Does this ring a few bells? Are you thinking of what have you done all day today? Hmm? Yeah, don’t worry about it too much you’re not alone, because I definitely have.

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