about: Yennusick legal corner

Yennusick Legal Corner was originally set up to share simple tips and trick on surviving and thriving law school.

However, since this blog was created, it has evolved into so much more than that.

With a global audience of nearly 5,000 people all over the world, Yennusick Legal Corner seeks to enhance and share useful knowledge on tackling law school all whilst tacking care of oneself.

The mind is a useful tool and if used wisely, can be a source of infinite possibilities. Hence why we have a weekly check-in initiative on our instagram page where we ask you, the audience, how has you week been, if there is anything you’d like advice on related to law or not, you can speak without fear or judgement as often times, we want to get something off our chest but there is no platform there to allow us to do that. Yennusick Legal Corner is that platform.

about: founder, Janet

Janet Abiba Yennusick is the founder and face of Yennusick Legal Corner.

Although this blog began as a hobby and an outlet to share one’s thoughts and knowledge on her study of law, it has since grown to become a safe space for law students and students of all disciplines to read on her journey as she seeks to become an Irish lawyer as well as discussing matters that are career related, personal developement and positivity.

Hoping to become a lawyer in the future, Janet is currently undertaking an LLM in International Human Rights’ Law in Dublin and would be sharing her journey via the instagram page @yennusick.legalcorner 


Areas of interests: criminal law, human rights and immigration and asylum law

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